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Welcome to the Travel with a Challenge Wellness, Spiritual and Pilgrimage Vacations theme page of feature articles that have appeared in our magazine. Explore this exciting collection by clicking on the images or titles to enter each richly-illustrated and inspiring story. Acknowledging the personal growth offered by volunteer service as a path to wellness, you will also find food for thought on our volunteer vacations feature article theme page.

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Northern Spain's Camino de Santiago is Christianity's most famous pilgrimage vacation.
Santiago de Compostela's cathedral is the endpoint for Christianity's most popular vacation pilgrimage.
Private and group meditation is part of a wellness vacation at Miraval health resort in Arizona.
Arizona's all-inclusive Miraval Resort offers many paths to wellness.
Article about Meaningful Travel that helps heal past challenges, allowing people to lead a life of awakened purpose, peace and passion.
z Spiritual guide and healer, Ronda LaRue, shares her thoughts on the importance of meaningful travel as a valuable, creative tool in helping people take steps to recover from personal challenges and hard times in their lives. Such travel can also point each of us toward a life of awakened purpose, peace and passion.
Article about Meaningful Travel that helps heal past challenges, allowing people to lead a life of awakened purpose, peace and passion.
Article about the timeless appeal of pilgrimage travel in modern times.
Article about the timeless appeal of pilgrimage travel in modern times.
Ordained minister and counselor, Susan Copeland, reflects on the many motivations to undertake a pilgrim journey in the 21st century and the steps that unfold with making that decision. She shares her own experience of the joys and challenges going on pilgrimage and the destinations she has visited on the way.
Rotorua, New Zealand health and wellness holidays and Maori culture educational travel.
New Zealand's "Natural Spa of the South Pacific" is a mecca for visitors looking for unique health and wellness experiences among the hotsprings and bubbling mud. Rotorua is also the heartland of Maori culture and THE place to experience the history, traditions and spectacular music, dance and artistry of these powerful aboriginal people.
Rotorua, New Zealand health and wellness holidays and Maori culture educational travel.

Canadian  Badlands Passion Play, Alberta.
It’s a long way from either Israel or from Germany’s famous medieval passion play at Oberammergau, but Alberta’s colorful version of stories from the Christian New Testament is every bit as dramatic. After 14 years of sell-out July performances with visitors from across Canada and around the world, it is here to stay, with a dramatic outdoor “Holyland” landscape that must be experienced.
Canadian  Badlands Passion Play, Alberta.

Hotlink to article on spiritual travel and pilgrimage vacations.
Spiritual curiosity and passion for transformation are among the human race's oldest motivators to travel. Learn about the top sacred places around the world and how to prepare most successfully for visiting such culturally, historically and spiritually significant destinations.

Hotlink to article on spiritual travel and pilgrimage vacations.

Hotlink to wellness, spiritual and pilgrimage vacation ideas.
Do you come home from a vacation disappointed or exhausted? Learn how to plan creative, healthy vacations that promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellness to last all year! Join the author on her pilgrimage to a new sacred destination every year to learn about the history and religious practices of that area.

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Hawaii wellness vacations.
Take a Hawaiian Islands life enrichment holiday while focusing on your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health. Identify the best web resources to research your Hawaii wellness vacation, and consider how best to balance genuine Hawaii with wellness vacationing on four Hawaiian Islands..

Hawaiian Islands health and wellness vacations, spas and retreats.
Hawaii spas and retreats, health and wellness holidays.

Hawaii wellness vacation providers.
Learn about Hawaii's world-class practitioners and healthy holiday planners who offer a wide-ranging menu of treatment and counselling services, retreats and workshops designed to send clients home in tip-top form.

Hotlink to Arizona health and wellness vacation article.

Hotlink to Arizona health and wellness vacation article.
Whether you are already healthy or you are looking for a few tricks to get healthy, come along on an all-inclusive wellness vacation in southern Arizona with journalist, Alison Gardner, where she encounters the diversity of a cruise ship and the personal resolve to step into the future with a refreshed body, mind and spirit.

Hotlink to Meteora, Greece's spiritual pinnacles.

Pilgrimage vacations to Meteora, Greece.
Join journalist, playwright and novelist, Barney Jeffries, as he encounters the spectacular geological formations of Meteora in Central Greece and pinnacle-perched medieval monasteries that now welcome vacationers and pilgrims.

Link to article on Greek Icons and an Icon artist

Hotlink to article on Greek icon paintings and iconography vacations.
Internationally-recognized artist, iconographer, archaeologist, and theological historian, Vasiliki Papantoniou, shares her love of the living art form of Orthodox iconography through her guided tours of Greece and the Greek Islands.

Walking Spain's Camino de Santiago link

Walking Spain's Camino de Santiago link
Follow northwestern Spain's Camino de Santiago in the footsteps of millions of pilgrims over more than 1,000 years. Our latest article features an independent walk the full distance of the Spanish Camino from the French border. The remainder document a 9-day walking tour that takes readers from León to the ultimate destination: Santiago de Compostela. Each article is hotlinked below:

Two Camino pilgrims walk the distance independently while staying in Camino hostels. An American Pilgrim talks about his walk on Spain's Camino de Santiago. Passport for Camino de Santiago walking tour article link button Article about walking the Spain's Camino de Santiago independently.
Middle East - Finding Common Ground.

Middle East - Finding Common Ground.
Over a cup of strong coffee in Petra, a Jewish travel writer and a Jordanian Moslem tour guide identify common ground from uncommon experiences, giving hope for their people to find peace in their hearts and homes.

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When looking for health and wellness centers, consider holidays in Florida. With a combination of sun, spas, entertainment and private villas in Florida - relaxing could not be easier.

Travel Medical Insurance.

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