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Latin America Travel Articles: Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Patagonia.
Soft adventure hiking in Patagonia, Latin America Travel articles.
Mariachi music is one memorable attraction of Nicaragua, Latin America Travel articles.
Music is a characteristic element of Latin America, like this mariachi duo in Nicaragua. Randall Wood
Soft adventure hiking is one spectacular way to explore Patagonia. Geographic Expeditions

Welcome to our new Travel Theme page showcasing Travel with a Challenge's feature article collection of Latin American destinations, taking you from Central America and Cuba to South America's Patagonia region straddling Argentina and Chile. These stories provide exciting travel windows on cultures and countries, nature and wildlife holidays, and adventure vacations suitable for active, adventurous senior travelers.

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Metropolitan Touring's Galapagos Island eco-cruises in Ecuador.Metropolitan Touring's South American tours in Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Chile.Our Latin American Theme Page sponsor, Metropolitan Touring is one of South America’s best-known and most-respected travel companies. The company runs its own ground operations in Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Chile, and owns and operates expedition cruises in Ecuador's Galapagos Islands aboard the M/V Santa Cruz, Yacht Isabella II and Yacht La Pinta, as well as the Finch Bay Eco Hotel. Come explore with us!

Article about Costa Rica's Top Nature Parks.
zFor many decades, tiny Costa Rica has garnered the world's respect for dedicating over 25% of its territory to national parks and protected reserves. CR guidebook author, James Kaiser, has visited all 26 national parks in the country and he shares with our readers his pick of the best five for international visitors to enjoy.

Article about Costa Rica's Top Nature Parks.

Mexico Chichen Itza.
In 2007 the Mayan archaeological site of Chichen Itza on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula was selected by 100 million cyber voters as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Travel with a Challenge editor, Alison Gardner, visited this spectacular destination to discover what makes it worthy of such an honor.

Mexico Chichen Itza.

Article about travel in Ecuador's volcano highlands and villages.
Fly into Quito with Travel with a Challenge editor, Alison Gardner, for a week of exploration at 10,000 feet along the Andes Mountains and Pan American Highway. You will take in colorful market towns and grassroots cultural experiences, plenty of Spanish colonial and Inca history, and spectacular national parks where volcanoes rule the landscape.

Article about travel in Ecuador's volcano highlands and villages.

Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve on Mexico's Riviera Maya Coast.
Heading south from Cancun's airport, Mexico's Riviera Maya soon leaves behind the mass tourism resorts and drops into a smaller-scale, slower-paced, more distinctively Mexican Mayan world where history and culture, enriching educational attractions and unique natural biosphere reserves are highlights of any holiday to this rich Caribbean coast of Quintana Roo state. Share the editor's picks.

Xcaret on Mexico's Riviera Maya Coast.
Patagonia soft adventure hiking, Latin America Travel articles.

Patagonia soft adventure hiking, Latin America Travel articles.
Active adventure travel writer, Margie Goldsmith, takes us to Patagonia, one of the world’s less-visited regions straddling southern Argentina and Chile. On a small-group tour, she experiences the physical challenges of the landscape and encounters unique wildlife and local people along the way. Don't miss her award winning article!

Costa Rica travel for seniors.
From manatee to sea turtles, from quetzal birds to crocodiles, from spectacular natural canals and tropical rainforests to lively volcanoes, Costa Rica continues to surprise visitors whether on a short vacation or an increasingly-popular long term stay. Guidebook author, Erin Van Rheenen, shares her insider knowledge.

Costa Rica travel for seniors.

Hotlinked title to Alternative Vacationing in Cuba article.
As a Cuba watcher for over three decades, guidebook author David Stanley reveals his love of the country and its people by sharing ten [non-political] reasons to consider a vacation there to explore its colorful culture, multi-layered history and compelling natural attractions. Vámanos todos!!

Hotlinked image to Alternative Vacationing in Cuba article.
Galapagos Islands, Travel articles Peru Ecuador.

Galapagos Islands: senior travel nature vacations.
Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands are one of the world’s best known destinations for unique wildlife. Find out which animals island visitors have selected as their Favorite Five in 2008 out of 29 types of land birds, 19 different sea birds and dozens of land and marine mammals, many rare or in danger of extinction.

Mexican culture and nature pictures in Sonora State, link to article.
Mexico's State of Sonora is most often viewed as a corridor to the country's high profile west coast resorts to the south. With a 560-mile shoreline facing the protected Sea of Cortez, mountains, desert and tropical forests and a rich native and Spanish colonial history, it is worthy of a vacation in itself.

Mexican culture reflects Spanish colonial heritage, link to article.

Amazon Cruises Feature Wilderness and Wildlife.
Join anthropologist and travel writer, Susan Stafford, as she explores the upper reaches of Peru's Amazon Basin. Abundant wildlife viewing, pink-toed tarantulas, colorful stinkbirds, and visits to isolated Amazon villages are all accomplished from a comfortable river boat custom-built for international visitors navigating in a challenging environment.

Amazon Cruises Feature Wilderness and Wildlife.

Link to Mexico's Copper Canyon article.
All aboard for a three part exploration of Mexico's fabled Copper Canyon, including a spotlight on a unique rail journey, the canyon system's natural history and geology, and perfect places to stay and explore along the way. This extraordinary natural phenomenon makes the Grand Canyon look small!

Link to Mexico's Copper Canyon article.
Nicaragua tourism, Living Abroad in Nicaragua, Moon Handbooks Nicaragua.
Nicaragua is emerging from a legacy of civil war and chronic poverty to become a promising part time and full time retirement destination for North Americans seeking to extend their income and discover natural and cultural rewards. Guidebook authors, Joshua Berman and Randall Wood share their deep knowledge of this country and its people.
Nicaragua tourism, Living Abroad in Nicaragua, Moon Handbooks Nicaragua.

Mexico's Rural Tourism, travel articles Mexico and Costa Rica.
Just 33 kilometers from Mazatlan, step into the exciting new world of Mexico's rural tourism offered by the agricultural pueblito of El Quelite, where you will experience grassroots Mexican culture and a traditional Spanish colonial history.

Mexico's Rural Tourism, travel articles Mexico and Costa Rica.

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