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Ultimate Adventures Speaks to Adults of all Ages

Ultimate Adventures, A Rough Guide to Adventure Travel by Greg Witt, senior travel nature vacations, reviewed in Senior Travel Newsletter.

Author, Greg Witt, has compiled a wonderful first edition guidebook of what he calls “uncommon adventures for the common man.” He declares right up front in the introduction to this richly-illustrated large format guide, “Think of this book as a field guide for living. Its purpose: to expand your world, rattle your cage, enlarge your soul, and inspire you to undertake some of the greatest outdoor experiences on earth.” Now there’s a challenge!

Ultimate Adventures, A Rough Guide to Adventure Travel contains the best and most achievable adventures on earth. Organized geographically, each section of the guide starts off with a map keying the locations. Descriptions are full of authoritative detail on what the adventure is like. While still leaving a few surprises, each option features a box that rates the adventure on a 1 to 5 scale for physical and psychological demands, technical skill and WOW! (that’s enjoyment and excitement).

For this senior editor, just reading about some of the documented adventures and enjoying the large-format, well-selected photos is a whimsical bit of armchair travel across the planet even if I never check them off my own life list. However, other categories contain options that definitely look do-able for the active senior traveler, like tracking Rwanda’s mountain gorillas, sea kayaking the Thailand coast and caves near Phuket, viewing wildlife in Costa Rica or the Galapagos Islands and possibly walking across England from coast to coast (see our own feature report that documents the Coast to Coast Walk from a senior perspective). I particularly liked the Greg’s suggestions for “Family-Friendly Adventures” and “Photo Ops”.

Greg Witt has been a tour leader and guide for more than 20 years. He has done everything he recommends, usually multiple-times. With senior travel nature vacations in mind, check out this book of 177 adventures for yourself or a friend at a favorite local book shop or internet bookstore. Full information about Ultimate Adventures is to be found at the Rough Guides website.

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