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Here's How Grandparents Can Spark Youthful Interest in Travel
A Personalized Christmas or Birthday Gift for a Future Traveler!
World-renowned children's book publisher, I See Me!, www.iseeme.com, has released a new book title, My Very Own World Adventure, an engagingly personalized learning tool for each gift receiver. The book features illustrations contributed from around the globe, giving 3- to 12-year-olds a glimpse of different cultures in a colorful, thoughtful way. I See Me's CEO, Maia Haag, authored the World Adventure book and her husband, Allan, collaborated with illustrators from 63 different countries to bring this book to life. It's been a five year labor of love in the making!
In this adventurous, educational storybook, the child rides a magic carpet to visit countries and places that spell out his or her first and last name in rhyme. If the name is Jack, for instance, he might visit Japan, Australia, Cambodia, and so on. Your child is welcomed by other children from around the world who offer a special gift representing their country, such as a Temari ball from Japan or a boomerang from Australia.

This 9x11-inch keepsake includes pages featuring an illustrated passport with stamps from the countries that your child has visited and a personalized world map showing your child where these countries are located. My Very Own World Adventure will open young children's eyes to the diversity of children from around the world while also showing many ways in which they are the same. A very customized bargain at US$34.95.

To ensure authenticity, each artist has determined what the country gift will be. At the end of the book, there is an illustrated encyclopedia describing the gifts that were given by children from each country. On the I See Me! website, parents and grandparents can learn even more to teach their child by reading the artists' longer descriptions of each world gift.

My Very Own World Adventure is available for ordering online, personalized with a child's name throughout the text. Reading the many five-star reviews from grandparents (whom I suspect are into traveling themselves), this is obviously an appealing concept. Most books are about 30 pages or more, depending on the length of the child's name.

$1 of every My Very Own World Adventure book is donated to Room to Read, supporting global literacy. Room to Read is an award-winning non-profit organization for improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world.

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