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Heat Holders Expands Its Clothing Line ... Warm from Head to Toe!
Heat Holders Thermal Socks.
In 2006 Heat Holders launched a unique line of thermal socks whose premier reputation has now spread around the world. As far as has been tested to date, Heat Holders offers the warmest thermal socks on the market, providing a practical and economical alternative to layering socks. The extra-long looped thermal pile and innovative knitting technology locks in warm air, holding it closer to the skin, keeping feet and other parts of the body warmer for longer.
Heat Holders socks keep your feet many times warmer than even specially-designed mountaineering and other thermal socks. Check out the scientific heat comparisons for yourself.  Long term exposure to cold conditions can not only have detrimental effects to your extremities, but to overall health, as confirmed by diabetes sufferers and those with arthritis pain in hands and feet.  One enthusiastic client offers feedback that Heat Holder socks are like “having your feet wrapped in a duvet!”
Heat Holders Thermal Hat. Travelers will particularly appreciate these exceptional socks aboard long airplane flights and during more frigid adventures in extreme climatic zones such as the Arctic and Antarctica. They will also be a welcome addition during mountainous hikes whether exploring the Himalayas, scaling Mt Kilimanjaro or walking and horseback camping in the Canadian Rockies. Innovative scuba divers exploring nature in colder waters even sing their praises, making every dive experience more comfortable.
Heat Holders Thermal Gloves.
Building on the success of its diverse socks line, Heat Holders has most recently launched more product variety of socks for men, women and children as well as lines of hats, gloves, neck warmers, tights, leggings, lightweight snugly blankets and underwear that similarly trap heat close to your skin definitely making life warmer and more comfortable. Products today offer several colors so personal preference is now a part of the decision to be both warm and fashionable. Visit www.heatholders.com to learn the whole story.
Images courtesy of Heat Holders.
Heat Holders Thermal Tights.

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