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No Nasty Luggage Surprises, Please!

A 21st Century Air Travel Solution
Avoids Overweight Luggage and Extra Costs at Check In

Excess baggage fees are rapidly creeping up the customer complaint list. Just a few kilograms over your weight limit at airline check-in can end up being a shocker. On a low cost airline, it may even be more than the price of your flight!

Globalbagtag.com's digital luggage scales are the answer, as tested out on a recent trip to France by Travel with a Challenge's editor. These scales brought peace of mind to and from the country as I hovered uncomfortably close to maximum weight restrictions on my checked luggage. Before leaving home or in your hotel room, you may accurately confirm the weight of each suitcase. This eliminates last-minute pressure at the luggage counter to juggle items between checked suitcases and hand luggage, not the best place to repack items to balance the weight to your advantage.
Globalbagtag.com digital luggage scales.
These digital luggage scales are light enough to slip into your pocket or suitcase and take on your travels, but robust enough to measure weight up to 50kg (110lb). They are easy to use, just clip on the bag handle and lift. The auto hold feature makes it easy to read the weight from above. Scales are powered by a lithium battery (included) giving roughly two years of use.

Digital scales are priced at £14.95 each (approximately US$24). For a limited time, two sets of luggage scales are only £25 including FREE SHIPPING worldwide. For full information about ordering these invaluable travel tools, visit the Globalbagtag website. Enter the free shipping code FSC2 into the box on the website checkout page.

Globalbagtag.com also offers lost luggage tracking services and other products on its website.

Globalbagtag.com digital luggage scales.

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