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Hawaii's ecotourism operators, guides and planners on six islands.
Hawaii nature and culture tours: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island, Lanai and Molokai to explore.
Green sea turtle on Oahu's Turtle Beach makes memorable nature pictures.
At Turtle Beach on Oahu's North Shore, observe and learn about globally threatened green sea turtles with Oahu Nature Tours' small guided groups.
Researched by Travel with a Challenge editor, Alison Gardner

Here is a sampling of small-group or customized operators and guides, many with specialist credentials that make for lively discussions and colorful personal tales on any outing.  I have sampled each of these very professional operators during my travels through the islands in 2000, 2003 and 2008.  The most comprehensive resource for ecological, educational, cultural, and volunteer vacations is the Hawaii Ecotourism Association (HEA), website: www.hawaiiecotourism.org; phone toll free within the U.S. (877) 300-7058 or worldwide (808) 235-5431.

To go straight to tourism operators and planners for each island, click on Maui, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, Oahu, and Big Island [Hawaii]. A special welcome to brand new entries from Maui, Molokai and Lanai.

All Hawaiian Islands

Annette’s Adventures – For more than two decades, Annette Kaohelaulii has dedicated her considerable energy and talents to understanding, interpreting, and protecting Hawaii’s nature and culture.  As a custom tour and accommodation planner, she combines vacationers’ special interests, time and budget limitations into an appropriately-paced travel experience with a genuine grassroots flavor.  Annette also specializes in developing and leading birding- and culture-themed women’s tours throughout the Pacific region.  www.annettesadventures.com or phone (808) 235-5431.

Aloha Hawaii Activities is a Hawaii activities planner and Hawaii information resource. They have feature articles about different aspects of the main Hawaiian islands: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii, Molokai, and Lanai. Articles include write-ups on beaches, famous landmarks, restaurants, theater, shopping and Hawaiian history. The website provides a good jumping off point to planning a Hawaii vacation with information and activities suitable for a wide range of travelers. www.aloha-hawaii.com.

Hike Maui offers nature hiking tours on Maui, Hawaii.

Hike Maui is the oldest, most experienced hiking company in the state of Hawaii. The company is particularly proud of its exceptional guide expertise, embracing many specialties that speak into the unique features of the island's natural history. Tours range from easy three-hour waterfall and rainforest hikes to half-day and full-day tours that are more physically demanding but still perfectly do-able. I can personally recommend the full-day, four-mile Haleakula volcano crater hike as an inspiring, educational glimpse of the power and beauty of volcanic environments, hiking into a dormant volcanic cone at 8,000 and 10,000 feet. www.hikemaui.com or phone 866-324-MAUI
or (808) 879-5270.

An awesome walk inside the crater of a dormant volcano is a unique educational experience with Hike Maui. Hike Maui

Tour da Food offers morning excursions for two to four guests, searching out Maui's hidden culinary treasures such as small restaurants, snack shacks, markets and food makers where you meet the locals and "talk story". Founded by restaurant publicist, freelance food and travel writer, cookbook author, and certified pastry cook Bonnie Friedman, these tours offer two to four guests the benefit of her 26 years of dedication to studying the island's food ways. www.tourdafoodmaui.com or phone (808) 242-8383.

Skyline Eco-Adventures offers zipline adventures with conservation education on Maui, Hawaii.
A conservation-minded adrenalin rush. Skyline Eco-Adventures

Skyline Eco-Adventures, located at the 4,300 foot level of Haleakala volcano, combines exciting zipline experiences through tropical forest with conservation education, reforestation of native trees, and a donation of 10% of profits to local ecological organizations. Check out our Travel with a Challenge feature article that reveals all about this Maui tourism venture. www.zipline.com/maui or phone (808) 878-8400.

Feast at Lele offers a unique and spectacular "tour" of Polynesia in music, dance, song, authentic costumes and culinary treats showcasing the pre-contact traditions and culture of native Hawaiians, the Maori of New Zealand (Aotearoa), Tahiti and Samoa. This nightly gourmet feast, which includes a different course to dovetail with each culture being presented, takes place on Lahaina's beach front formerly known as Lele. The venue where you enjoy your meal, unlimited beverages, and a rainbow of colorful entertainment was once reserved exclusively for Hawaiian royalty and their families. Definitely book ahead -- the Feast at Lele will be a significant memory of any visit to Maui. www.feastatlele.com or phone (808) 667-LELE for reservations for this sell-out show and dinner.

Feast at Lele, Maui, Hawaii.
At the Feast of Lele on the Lahaina waterfront, enjoy a musical tour of Polynesia and a lavish culinary experience. Feast at Lele
A Hawaiian spinner dolphin makes great nature and wildlife pictures.
Hawaiian spinner dolphin.
Pacific Whale Foundation

With profits from eco-adventures going to marine conservation, the Pacific Whale Foundation offers educational whale, dolphin and guided reef snorkeling cruises led by marine naturalists. These take place in waters around Maui and Lanai, including the spectacular Molokini Marine Reserve. The Foundation's goal is to inspire and promote appreciation, understanding and protection of whales, dolphins, coral reefs and the planet's oceans. Allow time to visit their extensive ocean-theme store and the next-door Maui Ocean Center. You can also become a PWF member and support the on-going work of the foundation. www.pacificwhale.org or phone 1-800-WHALE-1-1
or (808) 249-8811.

Under marine reserve protection, Molokini is an extinct volcanic crater 3 miles off the southwest shore of Maui. It is famous for incredibly clear water with visibility exceeding 100 feet almost every day. Richly endowed with 250 species of brightly colored tropical fish, many of which are unique to Hawaii, it has been a snorkeler's paradise. However, as the number of tour-licensed boat operators brings increasing "waves" of visitors to the waters of the reserve, there has been a significant decrease in the sightings of its underwater inhabitants even while there has been a dismaying increase in flipper and snorkel sightings. Stricter regulation of numbers of vessels and people visiting the reef at any one time may yet preserve this quality experience for all to enjoy a remarkable marine setting.

Pono Fried, Open eye Tours, Maui.
With an exciting Hawaiian culture and nature focus tailored to your interests, Open Eye Tours & Photos offers privately-guided visits to places seldom seen as well as to popular sights throughout Maui. Customized activity levels allow for hiking, walking or no walking. Serving enthusiastic seniors, couples, families, and singles since 1983. Let Pono Fried show you his Maui -- refreshing, unique, fun! www.openeyetours.com.

Pride of Maui Tour boat.
Pride of Maui
is Maui's #1 snorkeling adventure catamaran tour offering guided tours to famous Molokini Crater and Turtle Town. Activities include snorkeling, snuba and scuba diving. Amenities include glass bottom, two bathrooms, warm showers, complimentary lunch, open bar, and deep ladders for easy water entry. www.prideofmaui.com


Molokai Mule Ride -- surely one of the highlights of visiting Molokai is the famous guided mule ride, navigating 1,700 feet down the face of one of the highest sea cliffs in the world on a 2.9 mile stair-stepped trail with 26 serious switchbacks. Just trust your sure-footed mule mount which is a veteran of this round trip six days a week (not on Sundays), and you may spend your time taking in the scenery on the way to and from the historically infamous leper colony. From the 1860s until 1969 when Hawaii's isolation laws were abolished, this picturesque peninsula removed Hawaiians who had contracted the "separating sickness" of leprosy from families and communities on all other islands.

Molokai Mule Ride offers mule tours to Kalaupapa National Historic Park, leper colony on Molokai, Hawaii.
Molokai Mule Ride.
Alison Gardner
Today, the peninsula is an inspiring and beautiful place to visit, with the Molokai Mule Ride as one of three ways to access what is now the highly-regulated Kalaupapa National Historic Park. Established in 1980, it is open by invitation only Monday through Saturday to visitors 16 and older. You will be entering an amazing piece of past and current history for a window of a few hours. Father Damien, the first non-Hawaiian to move to the leper community in 1873, served the residents until his own death from contracting leprosy in 1889. With the 2009 sainthood of Father Damien recently announced by the Roman Catholic church, Catholic visitors will undoubtedly have a special interest in experiencing this inspiring site first hand. www.muleride.com or phone (808) 567-6088.

Molokai Fish & Dive is a knowledgeable local tour operator that offers outstanding ocean activities including scuba, reef snorkel, ocean kayak, whale watching in season and sport fishing adventures. It also offers land activities such as coffee plantation and plumeria farm agri-tours, a Halawa Valley waterfall hike, a guided visit to the Kalaupapa peninsula by mule, on foot or by air, and other cultural activities. If you have forgotten to pack any of your favorite items for an active outdoor vacation, you will find them at the extensive store this company maintains in www.molokaifishanddive.com
or phone (808) 553-5926.

Molokai Fish & Dive offers ocean activities and land tours on Molokai, Hawaii.
From December to March, 7,000 Humpback whales spend the winter in the narrow channels between Molokai, Maui and Lanai. Molokai Fish & Dive

As Maui and Lana'i's oldest family-owned and -operated sailing company, Trilogy Excursions, has made it their mission to become a leader in Hawaii's ocean recreation industry. In an independent survey of over 11,000 Maui visitors, Trilogy was chosen the #1 Activity on Maui, and in 2008 the company received the Living Reef Award in 2008, acknowledging their care of Hawaii's coral reef ecosystems. The company specializes in catamaran-based snorkeling, diving and marine life watching explorations around Maui, the marine reserve of Molokini and Lana'i, with on-board naturalists delivering plenty of information about the islands and surrounding waters. They also do informative guided tours of the island of Lana'i focusing on its ancient cultural and plantation settler history. www.sailtrilogy.com/ or phone toll free 1-888-225-MAUI or 808-874-5649.

Trilogy Excursions catamaran approaches Lanai, Hawaii.
A Trilogy catamaran approaches Lana'i's Sweetheart Rock, the site of an ancient, tragic Hawaiian legend. Trilogy Excursions

Though the Lana'i Culture & Heritage Center has been open less than two years, it is already receiving high praise for the creative cultural authenticity with which it is telling the story of this island's rich native Hawaiian heritage, and the ranching and pineapple plantation history of the early 20th century. The powerhouse behind this initiative is Kepa Maly, a renowned and passionate Hawaiian historian and linguist raised on Lana'i. He is the visionary for the center, a recognized island authority on natural ecosystems and culture and a great story teller. Kepa Maly's gift for "talking story" brings culture and tradition vividly to life in word and song chant, embodying the center's mission, Honoring the Past and Enriching the Future. Allow plenty of time to enjoy the displays and demonstrations around this growing collection in Lana'i City's Old Dole Admin Building. If you happen to be on Lana'i when Kepa Maly is leading a field tour on the island, you are in for a special treat. www.lanaichc.org or phone (808) 565-7177.

Kepa Maly, Lanai Culture & Heritage Center, Lanai, Hawaii.
Kepa Maly "talks story" about native Hawaiian history with artifacts excavated on Lana'i. Alison Gardner

Kualoa Ranch, family owned and operated, is a role model of land stewardship -- to preserve, protect and enhance the natural beauty and unique Hawaiian cultural traditions, while developing recreational and agricultural enterprises compatible with the environment. www.kualoa.com, phone (800) 231-7321 or (808) 237-8515.

Established in 1850, Kualoa Ranch is one of the most historically significant properties on Oahu, and in ancient times, one of the island's most sacred places. Alternative-compatible ways to explore accessible areas of this spectacularly-located 4,000 acre working cattle ranch include horseback riding, hiking, cycling, guided bus touring, and kayaking to coral reefs and offshore islands.

Kualoa Ranch on Oahu is full of Hawaiian Islands wildlife and history.
From steep mountain cliffs to tropical shoreline, Kualoa Ranch offers plenty of variety.
Kualoa Ranch

Oahu Nature Tours – This long-standing operator offers small-group excursions with an emphasis on Hawaii’s unique native bird and plant species, as well as geology, archaeology, mythology and history. Twelve expertly-guided tours are described in detail on the website, complete with walking times and recommended fitness levels, mostly ranging from easy to moderate.

The website also offers a lot of information about rare and endangered species found in Hawaii, accompanied by excellent photography. See article, Dawn Raid at Diamond Head for an example of an ONT itinerary.  www.oahunaturetours.com or phone (808) 924-2473.

Hawaii's birds are a highlight of wildlife vacations and nature pictures.
Hawaii is home to several varieties of Honeycreeper, all under siege.
Oahu Nature Tours
Green sea turtles, whales and dolphins thrive in Hawaiian marine environments.
In Hawaiian waters, the green sea turtle, ranging up to 440 pounds, is making a comeback from its worldwide threatened status.
Tori Cullins/Wild Side Specialty Tours

Wild Side Specialty Tours introduces Oahu visitors to Hawaii's unique marine environment and its ocean inhabitants, including Hawaiian spinner dolphins, green sea turtles and endangered humpback and false killer whales in season. With four-hour morning sailings aboard a 42 ft. catamaran, small groups of 4 to 15 explore Oahu's spectacular "lost coast" with a crew of marine biologists. Also check out Wild Side's snorkeling trips and volunteer vacations on a fine informational website. www.WildSideHawaii.com or phone (808) 306-7273.

If you'd rather experience Oahu's beauty and culture at your own pace and in the comfort of a rental car, then TourTalk's new self-guided audio driving tour is for you. It includes a 2.5 hour narrated tour on CD or cassette, a 72-page booklet with colorful maps, photos, site information, and Hawaiian facts. The driving instructions are so easy, you can't get lost unless you want to! To order online, website: www.tourtalkhawaii.com, or phone 1-877-585-7499 or (808) 545-2820.


Esprit de Corps Riding Academy trail rides are limited to 5 guests, ages 10 and up. Rides go out Monday through Friday, morning and afternoon, starting at the ranch and moving up into spectacular mountain valleys. All rides begin with an orientation lesson in the arena, and go out rain or shine; rain gear is provided. Countryside rides range from two hours up to eight hours. A six-hour Spiritual Exploration ride offers an unusual opportunity to add a little wellness travel experience to your vacation mix, if desired. Visitors may also take riding lessons from expert instructor and ranch owner, Dale Rosenfeld. www.KauaiHorses.com or phone (808) 822-4688.

Gay and Robinson Sugar Plantation Visitor Center offers an intriguing educational introduction to 165 years of sugar production on Kauai. Both past and present come alive as visitors discover how sugar cane is grown and processed on the only tour of a working plantation in Hawaii. Admission to the Visitor Center is free; there is a fee for the two-hour Plantation Tour and for the three-hour Olokele Overlook Tour, both worthwhile. Check times and days when each tour is offered.

By comfortable mini-van, experience sugar cane fresh in the field and see the huge harvest equipment used in the startlingly red dirt fields, then move on to the factory for a full site tour. www.hawaiimuseums.org/mc/iskauai_gayandrobinson.htm or phone 808-335-2824.

Sugar cane plantation and  factory tour  on Kauai, Hawaii.
These days, seed canes are the only stalks selected and cut by hand. Alison Gardner
Sugar plantation ditch tubing is an adventurous Hawaiian Islands vacation.

Kaua`i Backcountry Adventures offers tube rides along the Lihue Plantation irrigation ditch and tunnel system. This waterway that once irrigated vast sugar crops has been unused since sugar production ceased in 2000. Running through beautiful land not normally accessible to the public, guests experience spectacular views of ocean, coastlines and valleys along the two-mile route that also includes five well-restored stone tunnels. An abundant picnic lunch awaits in a forest grove at the end of the run. This three-hour tour is entirely safe and suitable for older people and a great adventure for all ages from 5 to 97 years [so far]! www.kauaibackcountry.com or phone 1-888-270-0555 or (808) 245-2506.

Tubing offers a gentle ride through sugar plantation history! Kaua`i Backcountry Adventures

Hawaiian Wildlife Tours – Eminent Hawaiian ecologist, Dr. Carl Berg, leads personalized nature tours of Kauai tailored to the client's hiking activity level. These spotlight such special interests as rare and endangered birds, marine life, and native Hawaiian plants. About 90% of his clientele is mature travelers.
www.hawaiianwildlifetours.com or phone (808) 639-2968.

Kauai Nature Tours/TEOK Investigations Worldwide geological consultant and oceanographer, Dr. Chuck Blay, settled in Hawaii in 1995 where he has become the driving force behind both these inter-active, education-focused offerings.  KNT features five expert-led day hikes into spectacular canyons and along coastlines with unique geological and natural environments.  Designed for inquisitive vacationers of all ages and especially popular with the older traveler, The Edge Of Kauai (TEOK) Investigations offers comprehensive 6-, 7-, and 8-day tours and seminars on both the Big Island of Hawaii and Kauai. www.teok.com or phone (808) 742-8305.

Geologist, Chuck Blay, creates a teaching moment during his Waimea Canyon hiking tour. Alison Gardner

Kayak Kaua`i - This well respected company has been celebrating the Kaua'i outdoors for the last 20 years. Serving clients of all ages, Kayak Kaua`i offers a variety of island-wide guided day and overnight multi-day tours and experiences via the rivers, trails and coastline. Charming and knowledgeable guides share the ecology and cultural history of the area. You may also rent all equipment for self-guided canoe, biking, snorkeling, surfing and kayaking explorations of the island's picturesque trails, rivers and coastline. www.kayakkauai.com or phone (800) 437-3507 or (808) 826-9844.

Big Island
Sunset atop Mauna Kea volcano.
Sunset atop Mauna Kea volcano. Alison Gardner

Mauna Kea Summit Adventures offers an in-depth experience that begins with a breathtaking two hour drive from sea level to the 13,796 foot volcano summit, a sunset to die for, and 1.5 hours of exploring both hemispheres under a light-pollution-free starry sky. Absolutely necessary hooded parkas and gloves, hot drinks and a light supper are provided. www.maunakea.com or phone 1-888-322-2366
or (808) 322-2366.

Mauna Kea volcano enjoys an average of 325 clear nights annually. From its strategic Pacific Ocean location, it is possible to see 100% of northern hemisphere skies and 80% of southern hemisphere skies, making it the number one destination mountain in the world for professional astronomers and amateur star gazers alike.

Hawaii Forest & Trail – This highly respected ecotourism company run by husband and wife team, Rob and Cindy Pacheco, offers a rich menu of coastal, rainforest and volcano hiking adventures ranging from half to full day. You may also sample an historic 3-hour mule trail adventure, limited to 6 riders, descending a switchback trail amid stunning views of surf, sea cliffs, undisturbed tropical valleys and waterfalls.  www.hawaii-forest.com or phone 1-800-464-1993
or (808) 331-8505.

Hawaii Forest & Trail offers guided rainforest tours on Hawaii's Big Island
Guided rainforest tours on the Big Island engulf visitors in a lush environment. Hawaii Forest & Trail

Hawaiian Walkways -- Dr. Hugh Montgomery and his wife, Kaulana, have a passion for exploring the little known corners and traditional culture of their long-time island home.  Hugh has received national recognition for preserving its ancient and historic trails. Hawaiian Walkways is a natural spinoff with an impressive team of highly-credentialed guides to share well-paced half-day hikes for 2 to 10 people.  Customized tours are also available.  www.gowaipio.com/ or phone 1-800-475-7759
or (808) 775-0372.

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Hawaii helicopter tours are one of the best ways to see the hidden interiors of the Hawaiian Islands. With 22 years of experience and no crashes while operating air tours, Safari can take you on a Big Island helicopter tour of the active volcano or a Kauai helicopter tour of Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon.

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