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phone toll free within the U.S. (877) 300-7058 or worldwide (808) 235-5431.

Hawaii Wildlife Viewing Guide, nature tourism in Hawaii.

Hawai`i Wildlife Viewing Guide by Jeanne L. Clark is a beautifully illustrated, full color paperback promoting "watchable wildlife" appreciation throughout the islands from birds to sea mammals to tropical fish. Included is all the information you will need to appreciate 31 wildlife viewing sites, including driving instructions, maps and contact information. There are tips for viewing the wildlife with best times and places, native Hawaiian names for most species and available amenities such as trails, campsites, picnic areas and - yes - even restroom facilities.

This 180-page book published in 2006 is a bargain at US$14.95, available in bookstores in Hawaii or through Adventure Publications, Inc, www.adventurepublications.net. ISBN: 1-59193-126-6.

book on Hawaii's volcanoes

Hawaii on the Internet:  www.BestPlacesHawaii.com is a comprehensive state-wide reference to travel information, accommodation, health and fitness, services and activities throughout the islands.

Geologist Janet Babb's 48-page large format book, Hawai'i Volcanoes: The Story Behind the Scenery (KC Publications), is a colorful testament to the power and of Hawaii's geological past and present.  The photography is exquisite and the story is told in clear layman's text that reflects Janet's long time educational connection with the public. ISBN 0-88714-143-9, US$7.95 at local bookstores.

A little more on the technical side but equally designed for a non-geologist audience, Kauai's Geologic History: A Simplified Guide, is a valuable 44-page color introduction to Kauai's land and ocean roots.  With the success of this first book used heavily in TEOK Investigations informative workshops and seminars for inquisitive vacationers, authors Chuck Blay and Robert Siemers are planning a similar scrutiny of the Big Island in the near future.  ISBN 0-9664058-0-3, US$10 + shipping and handling (www.teok.com).

For both the novice and the experienced botanist, Michael Walther's A Guide to Hawai‘i’s Coastal Plants is a comprehensive field guide to 90 coastal plant species - both native and introduced. ISBN 1-56647-653-4, Mutual Publishing.
Full color photographs accompany each description of appearance, habitat, distribution information, as well as historical or cultural anecdotes. Information about environmental threats to the island’s native coastal vegetation and detailed directions to beautiful locations where you can find excellent examples of remaining coastal plant communities are also included.

Michael is one of Hawaii's most respected nature and cultural tour operators, www.OahuNatureTours.com.

Gordon Morse, owner of My Island Bed and Breakfast Inn on the Big Island, was raised on the island of Molokai and spent most of his working life in the islands, as a newspaper reporter and photographer and as a freelance journalist and author of numerous entertaining books for both adults and children. All are laced with a distinct Hawaiian flavor and humor. See Gordon's website: www.myislandpublishing.com.

The U.S.-based Moon Handbooks series, authored by Robert Nilsen, offers an impressive collection of current guides to the Hawaiian Islands, readily available in bookstores or via the www.moon.com website.  With a distinctly alternative orientation, there is a state-wide Hawaii guide, plus individual guides on Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and the Big Island.

Finally, let's not forget the mouth-watering coffee table book simply titled, Hawaii, by the formidable photographer/writer team of Cliff and Nancy Hollenbeck (Graphic Arts Center Publishing).  The 135 color plates and six insightful essays capture the history and beauty of the islands and their people in a way which will remind readers to return again and again to what Mark Twain described as "the loveliest fleet of islands anchored in any sea." ISBN 1-55868-313-5, US$39.95.

Click on the Alternative Hawaii Table of Contents page to explore the many tours, accommodations and treasures of five islands in the Hawaiian chain.

Hawaii Condo Vacation Rentals
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