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Travel with a Challenge is the first magazine, in print or on the web, exclusively addressing the older traveler who wants to explore the fast-growing world of alternative vacationing. By offering a richly-illustrated collection of global travel options and personal adventures with an ecological, educational, cultural and volunteer vacation flavor, our readers -- largely between 45 and 80 years old -- are challenged to pack their bags and hit the road. The magazine's practical timely advice and travel inspiration lay the groundwork for experiences that will be memorable for all the right reasons!

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Advertising information for Travel with a Challenge web magazine, suitable for senior travelers.
Advertising information for Travel with a Challenge web magazine for tour operators, accommodations, transportation, travel services.
In the new millennium's first decade, men and women between 45 and 80 are effectively driving the engine of alternative tourism on every continent, with a minimum of 60% being women in each of its four theme categories. This is a demographic group whose creative travel capacity and globetrotting interests are frequently misunderstood or underrated. It is a rewarding and enthusiastic clientele ready to try new products, services and travel opportunities that catch their attention and meet their needs.
Advertising information for Travel with a Challenge web magazine for tour operators, accommodations, transportation, travel services. Yellow arrow.They control up to 80% of discretionary income in most developed countries, and they are highly motivated to spend a good chunk of that income on travel, and on related services and products;

Yellow arrow.They are the best-educated generations in the history of the world, with a continuing quest for knowledge throughout their long lifetimes. Post-secondary qualifications are nearly double that of equivalent mainstream travelers with nearly 75% of our readers having at least one post graduate degree;

Yellow arrow.Many have done a fair amount of mainstream travel in earlier years, and now want to engage more deeply in their travel experiences. Others have had no opportunity to travel during their "responsible" years, and they stand ready to see and do everything;

Yellow arrow.They have time to plan and time to enjoy every aspect of the vacation experience. They love to research destinations and themes in advance. They are not afraid to learn and use new technology, in particular the Internet, to achieve their travel goals;

Yellow arrow.They are not tired - they want action and memorable encounters that they know often require mental effort and physical preparedness. They embrace the philosophy that they can go home for a rest, their vacation motivation has a different agenda;

Yellow arrow.They are generally in good to excellent health. Even when they do have some dietary, mobility or other health issues, they search out operators ready to meet their needs and buy their ticket to adventure. If they are healthy, they want to stay that way and are willing to take steps to ensure they do so. If they are not healthy, they are interested in improving their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as far as is possible;

Yellow arrow.Having raised families and navigated longstanding careers, they are responsible risk takers who delight in new challenges and experiences;

Yellow arrow.They are sensitive to human impact on the world's environment and traditional cultures, and they want to give something back to a world that has largely served them well. They are genuinely motivated to "make a difference" and be responsible when it comes to travel decisions.

When you advertise with www.travelwithachallenge.com, you may rest assured that you will be targeting the most powerful and rewarding travel market in the world!

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